Day Three

Prompt: What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. Sharing drinks. When sharing a drink with someone I, for some reason, just get really grossed out. It’s not so much the actual drink but it’s their mouth on the glass or bottle or straw. I feel like I wouldn’t mind it as much if we used different straws but I’m still not the biggest fan. Now this only applies to FAMILY. I will not share a drink with someone, in any way, unless they are related to me. And on top of that probably only my parents and siblings; no cousins or aunts and uncles. I hate it, even more than me sharing a drink, when I see two unrelated people share a drink.
  2. Interruption due to obvious lack of interest. I hate it when someone is talking about something and another person will just interrupt and start talking about something else. Especially because it becomes clear to the original speaker that that person genuinely has no interest in whatever they have to say. Now I get it. When someone is talking and you don’t really care about what they’re saying you are just silently praying that they leave. Or you try to find some way to interject and make a reasonable transition onto a different topic. I even understand making up and excuse to leave (although I don’t support this as a first resort). But to just completely disregard the person and what they’re saying is straight up rude.
  3. Being late. Now I will admit I am guilty of being late sometimes. We all are. But the part about being late that bugs me is when it could have been easily avoided. For example, when you know you have to leave your house for a 9:00 party at 8:30 to be on time, don’t start getting ready at 8:15 when you know it’s going to take at least a half an hour for you to get ready. Of course I get it being late is sometimes very unavoidable like, taking the previous example, if you were in your car at 8:30 ready to go but your car won’t start. That is completely understandable.


So sorry for this being a day late (technically only 40 minutes) but I will post a bonus post today in addition to “Day Four”.



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