Day Eight

Prompt: Share something you struggle with.

When something goes wrong I struggle to keep going. I have a tendency to easily give up if something doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out. I just get this awful feeling like what is the point of trying to continue if it’s not going to work anyways. Although it’s a struggle, the fact that I can acknowledge it means I am capable of fixing it or improving on it. That is something that people (myself included) tend to forget about. A lot of the time we just accept our flaws, and although it is good to accept the flaws we cannot change, we should always try to improve the flaws we can change and want to change. So one way to improve on this for me is to remember that life is all about things going wrong or not according to plan. But from that we MUST keep trying and to push on.


Note: Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that I really encourage commenting your responses to the daily prompts.



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